Rua Santo Antonio, Lote 278-C, 2650-116 - AMADORA (AMADORA) PORTUGAL
Born in 1993 as local mailorder under «JL - distro» moniker and later on same year changed to Lusitanian Distro. The lack of competent mailorder services back in the day at Portugal was notorious, so Lusitanian Distro grew covering all Portugal's territory, from mainland to islands. For years there was a strong cooperation going on between some serious labels and Lusitanian Distro bringing the most intense metal releases to the portuguese metal fans. In mid 1995 the first demo-tape production saw the light of day. Metal scene was growing fast in general yet with low support from portuguese promoters. On the next five years a strong activity in Portuguese and European metal underground scene gave birth to more releases leading Lusitanian to open a side label under Lusitanian Prod as well as Lusitanian Music for the overall work done helping out other labels, zines and bands with promotional material, demo tapes, cassette albums, flyers and all kind of printing promotional material. After a small period of 14 years Lusitanian Music is back. The company main work now focus on releasing new albums and reissuing old ones, but also doing intense wholesale distribution - supplying local stores, small mailorders and online shops across Europe. Our collaboration grows stronger every day with our partners. We supply releases - in wholesale basic terms - from lables like Metal Blade, Century Media, Inside Out, Season of Mist, Night Of The Vinyl Dead, Non Nobis Prod, Helldprod and few more.